Floyd Mayweather is considered one of the best boxers that have ever lived although he hasn't gone through life without his fair share of criticism and controversy. A few years ago, Mayweather spent two months in prison after being convicted of domestic violence stemming from an altercation with his baby mama Josie Harris. Mayweather would eventually do an interview with Katie Couric where he spoke on the alleged incident. During the interview, Mayweather claimed that Harris was on drugs and that he had to restrain her.

In 2015, Harris launched a $20 million lawsuit against him as she claimed all of his statements during the Couric interview were false. According to The Blast, a court date has finally been set by the judge which means Floyd will have to fight this head-on, despite his best efforts to have the case completely dismissed.


In the court documents, it states that there was a ton of evidence against Mayweather and that's why the defamation case was able to be pursued. “Since this evidence is unequivocally at odds with the assertion that Mayweather was simply restraining a drug-addled Harris by only twisting her arm, it may reasonably be inferred that Mayweather acted with malice or reckless disregard of the truth during the Couric interview," the documents read.

As of right now, the court date is set for December 7th of 2020.