While we approach the Christmas season, Thanksgiving offers everyone a chance to get together with their families, enjoy a nice meal, and a couple of drinks. It's an excellent break from everyone's busy schedule, especially as the holidays come around. 

Floyd Mayweather appears to be having an excellent time this holiday season, especially since he gets to spend time with his grandchild. Kentrell Jr, the child of NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather, is celebrating his first Thanksgiving this year and it seems that Floyd is already giving his grandson some pointers on boxing. Footage emerged this week of Floyd tapping massive boxing gloves while playing around with Kentrell. It's a wholesome moment that could possibly be planting the seed for a future career in boxing.

 Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Yaya Mayweather recently revealed that her son, who is only 10 months old, began talking. She said that Kentrell Jr. is now saying "mama" and "papa," the nickname for Floyd, apparently. Chances are, the footage of Floyd and his grandson isn't the first time they've had some baby boxing training.

Meanwhile, NBA Youngboy was recently released on house arrest and is currently out in Utah with a mentor. The rapper recently unveiled the Never Broke Again compilation tape and swiftly followed it up with a new song, "safe then sorry (interlude)."

Peep the footage below. Do you think Kentrell Jr. will end up following in his grandfather's footsteps?