This past weekend, Tyga was removed from Floyd Mayweather 42nd birthday party after getting into an altercation with someone and pulling a gun out. Tyga's security guard had a gun and Tyga went to pull it out of the holster but the guard wrestled him out of the building before anything bad could happen. Despite the altercation, Floyd doesn't seem to care all that much. The legendary boxer recently spoke to TMZ and said the whole thing was really no big deal and that next year he would invite Tyga again. 

"I don't care that Tyga got in a fight in my party ... guess what?! It was good publicity for my party!" Mayweather explained. As per usual, Floyd showing us all that he is all about the bag and pretty much nothing else.

According to TMZ, Tyga and the man he wanted to fight at the party eventually talked it out and were able to squash their beef. It was reported that the fight was over the man accusing Tyga of failing to make payments on his Maybach.

As for Floyd, well, he's living the good life and has most recently been showing his support for Gucci in light of their blackface controversy.

We can't wait to see Tyga at the party next year.