One of the more bizarre stories of 2019 has been Justin Bieber's interest in a UFC match with none other than Tom Cruise. The two have a 32-year age difference and it would make absolutely zero sense for them to end up fighting each other. Regardless, Bieber is down to make it happen and there have been some pretty serious talks about how it can all go down. Even UFC president Dana White has gotten involved although it's going to take a lot of convincing for Cruise to make it happen. 

Floyd Mayweather was recently approached by TMZ and was asked about Bieber and Cruise's potential super fight. While Floyd isn't part of the world of MMA, there is no doubt that he knows how to promote a fight and get people excited. As he explained, he would be down to help with the promotion but he'd only do it if he was asked.

"If they bring me in as a promoter, then I can talk about it," Mayweather said. "But until then, I gotta stay in my lane. Gotta stay in my business."

Mayweather and Bieber used to be good friends although it appears as though they aren't so close anymore. Due to this falling out, Mayweather said he's not interested in training either fighter, although he's clearly interested in seeing the fight go down.

If this fight becomes a reality, who do you have winning? Bieber or Cruise? Let us know in the comments.