Back in May, T.I. and Floyd Mayweathermade headlines when they were spotted having a confrontation at a Fatburger in Las Vegas. Apparently Tip was accusing Mayweather of being a little too friendly with his wife, Tiny, and though Mayweather then denied that he had anything to do with her, he seems to have reversed his story.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Mayweather responded to a question about T.I. by first saying "don't talk to me about that bitch," and following it up with "I was fuckin' his bitch." The crowd, full of the boxer's fans, reacted uproariously, and caused Mayweather to smile while making the statements.

Is he joking now? Was he lying when he initially told Tip that "me and your wife don’t have nothing"? Watch the full interview below (the T.I. comments come around 1:40), and let us know your personal thoughts in the comments.

[Update: Mayweather says he was misquoted]

Taking to Instagram minutes ago, Floyd Mayweather responded to the wave of press coverage of his statement about Tiny by saying that he was misquoted. View his post below.