Floyd Mayweather isn’t here for the Gucci backlash. In fact, he’s sticking by his words and wants nothing to do with the nationwide boycott. On Monday, Floyd shared a picture on Instagram of him literally dripped in Gucci attire from head to toe, but he decided to turn his comments off to avoid any backlash & criticism.

The boxing legend posted a pic in a Gucci shirt, Gucci socks AND Gucci shoes while writing, "BORN A LEADER” as his caption.

Over the past few weeks, Gucci has faced some major criticism after they released a racist “blackace” sweater on their site & store, before eventually removing it too late. Many people & celebrities have called for the boycott for Gucci for their insensitive sweater, but not Floyd.

Floyd has been ripped by T.I., who dropped a diss song about him, and 50 Cent who constantly trolls Floyd on IG. Either way, Floyd doesn’t care and is still reppin' Gucci.

Check out Floyd’s Gucci-inspired post (below).