Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a very, very rich man. "Money" is literally his moniker and he represents it well, topping Forbes' official list of the highest-earning athletes of the decade. The boxing champion was right up there with soccer stars Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, basketball icons LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and his fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao. One thing that Floyd can pride himself on though is the fact that he walked out of this decade having made over $100 million more than his runner-up. Clocking in at an insurmountable $915 million, Mayweather revealed that he actually only made that amount in the last five years, explaining what went down.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Reposting the Forbes report to his Instagram account, the world-renowned athlete congratulated all other top earners in sports, taking time to give himself a pat on the back for nearly making a whopping billion dollars in the last ten years. "No disrespect to anyone but I did these numbers really in 5 years due to a couple of layoffs and with NO endorsements," revealed the star, making the accomplishment that much more impressive. "I never wanted an endorsement deal from anyone because my vision was always to be my own boss and have no obligations to anyone. So I started my own promotion company and own brand (TMT) in which we are continuing to grow and soon will be the endorsers. You can say what you want about Floyd Mayweather but the numbers and accolades don’t lie. This is truly about hard work and dedication and knowing your worth."

His watch and car collection suddenly make sense now. A million dollars is chump change for Mayweather...