Floyd Mayweather's love of money is so predominant in his persona that it borderlines on comical. The undefeated one has even adopted "Money" as one of his principal monikers, shaping his very identity around procuring fiscal nigh-infinite fiscal gains. Money Mayweather's recent, and highly publicized fight with Conor McGregor, was rumored to have landed Mayweather an unfathomable payout of $300-$400 million dollars, which is more than the majority of people might see in several lifetimes. Still, Mayweather has a certain way of making it look easy, both in and outside of the ring. 

TMZ recently caught up with Money Mayweather, with the intention of inquiring about the location of his new strip club. However, Floyd was ultimately coy about his future real-estate developments, opting instead to talk about two things - "money and money." In case you weren't aware, the man loves money, more so than Scrooge McDuck ever could. "You know one thing," says Mayweather. "We have a lot of problems, but money ain't one of our problems." A reporter goes on to ask Floyd if he has any wisdom to share to any "other" aspiring billionaires, implying that Floyd still has a way to go before reaching the lofty financial milestone. 

Floyd quickly clears the air, stating "you know I already made more than a billion dollars, says Mayweather, as he enters his car. "That was easy." While this is simply his word, Forbes had previously reported that Floyd was sitting in the $700 million dollar range, and that was before his fight with McGregor. And while Floyd has bragged that he hasn't even cashed the cheque he earned from both the McGregor and the Pacquiao bouts, his latest comments would elevate him into a rare class of revered athletes. Prior to Floyd, the only athletes to join the billionaires club were Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, who greatly benefited from a lucrative sponsorship with Nike. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Michael Schumacher also make the cut, but only after adjusting for inflation. 

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Floyd's undeniable skill at getting that money.