Floyd Mayweather is giving away $10,000 to whoever can come up with best caption for his latest instagram post, which happens to be a video clip of Conor McGregor tapping out during his fight against Nate Diaz, accompanied by "Tapout."

Mayweather and McGregor have been trading verbal jabs for awhile now and it all seems to be building up to a historic mega-fight between the two superstars, although Mayweather is currently retired and Conor is asking for no less than $100 million

Floyd recently said he's going to "slap the shit outta McGregor" when he sees him and then proceeded to post the following caption contest so McGregor should be responding in due time. And around and around we go.

Here are the official "rules" for Floyd's caption contest: "CAPTION THIS! Best caption wins $10,000.00. The winner will be announced on Monday, Dec. 19. Stay tuned! #TMT"