Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to making a boat load of cash in a short amount of time whether it be in the ring or sitting on his couch watching his football bets come to fruition. 

Yesterday, Mayweather placed a $30,000 bet on the Atlanta Falcons to cover the -3.5 spread in the first half which they did with ease leading the Packers 24-0 heading into halftime. Floyd profited a cool $25,000 off of that bet alone, but it wasn't his only winning wager of the weekend.

As seen on Money Mayweather's instagram account, the retired boxer also won more than $45,000 by betting on the Warriors to cover a -5.5 spread against the Rockets on Friday and an additional $90,000 when the Cincinnati Bearcats covered a -16.5 spread against Tulane on Saturday.

For those of you scoring at home, Floyd cashed in on over $160,000 worth of bets this weekend. Of course, he didn't post about any of his losing bets but it appeared to be a fairly lucrative weekend for Floyd Mayweather.