The matter of a lawsuit dispute between two ex-lovers can get very complicated, especially if one party happens to die unexpectedly and the other side still seeks to send legal sanctions their way. Sadly, that's the case for famed boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his deceased ex-girlfriend Josie Harris.

Floyd Mayweather Malicious Inappropriate Sanction Dead Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris
Image: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Harris sadly passed away earlier this year on March 10, 2020 due to an accidental drug overdose. At the time of her death, she was still wrapped up in an legal war with Mayweather over a lawsuit that totaled a whopping $20 million. Their trial was supposed to begin on December 7, 2020, but due to Harris' death and nobody put in place of her estate, the suit was put on hold. However, neither her death nor the fact that their trial was put on hold was enough to stop Floyd from filing a $9,060 sanction against Harris and her lawyer for failing to answer questions regarding how drug use played a part in the case.

It all stems back to 2010, when Mayweather and Harris got into a violent altercation that both sides have reported differently. Floyd later went on to describe the situation in a now-infamous 2015 Katie Couric interview, where he claimed his ex-girlfriend was on drugs and all he did was restrain her. This prompted Josie to sue him back in 2015 for lying to the public about how things went down. 

In response to Floyd's sanction, Josie's lawyer call his motion "malicious and inappropriate," further adding, "Plaintiff Josie Harris died on March 10, 2020. Aware of this fact, knowing that the status of Harris’s estate was unresolved, and in light of the obvious—that Harris could provide no further responses to any discovery requests—Defendant Mayweather still chose to file this (inappropriately consolidated) motion."

Unfortunately, none of her three kids want to pursue the lawsuit on her behalf, with her lawyers also stating, "Each of Harris’s presumed heirs to her estate (i.e. her three children) have informed counsel for Harris that they do not wish to pursue this action against Mayweather on behalf of Harris’s estate should they be appointed as estate representative."

Her team is requesting that the court deny Floyd’s motion for sanctions. In an unfortunate situation like this, is there any real right way to go about legal proceedings? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.