Now that he’s retired, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot of time on his hands. He spends a lot of that time attending sports events, and frequently appears courtside at NBA games around the US. Recently though, he has expressed interest in getting far more involved in the NBA than just spectating.

At a press conference for Ashley Theophane, who he promotes, Mayweather spoke on his future intentions to own an NBA team. “You guys know I like to bet on sports, but I’m looking forward to stepping back from betting in sports now. I’m looking forward to probably getting into ownership of an NBA team.”

When pressed about which team Mayweather wants a stake in, he said he doesn’t know right now. Mayweather previously expressed interest in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers after the Donald Sterling debacle, but Steve Ballmer ended up purchasing the team for a sum that Mayweather will probably never achieve. The former boxing champion would have to work with a number of partners in order to afford an NBA team, which would cost at least $700 million based on the market.

Of course, we’re all for Floyd Mayweather Jr. choosing to invest in a product rather than gamble on sports. It’s a much smarter use of his admittedly large sums of money, and besides, he can't legally do both.