He's celebrated as one of the greatest boxers to ever lace up those gloves, but Floyd Mayweather has had just as many battles out of the ring as he has inside. The champion boxer will soon go toe-to-toe against Logan Paul next month in what's expected to be an explosive bout and recently, he sat down with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast where he discussed his career and successes at length, while also mentioning that he isn't' concerned with the naysayers.

His controversies include reports that he doesn't know how to read and that jail stint he completed after pleading guilty to battery domestic violence back in 2011 in a case that involved the late mother of his children, Josie Harris. Mayweather has risen above his past mistakes, it seems, but he acknowledges that others haven't.

Floyd Mayweather, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Abuse, Controversy
Tom Pennington / Staff / Getty Images

“I feel like, the way I wanna live my life, I live my life the way I wanna live it and no matter what, you can't please everybody because—it's so crazy," the boxer said before changing his thoughts. "In the beginning, I feel like people was rootin' for me. Wanted the best for me. And the more and more, as I accomplished more and kept accomplishing things, then you start seeing different things."

"You start seeing, ‘Oh, he’s a wife-beater’ or ‘He’s not that smart,'" Mayweather added. "You hear so many different things and I just felt like, okay, you’re entitled to believe whatever you wanna believe. But I had to have some type of common sense, some type of smarts, some type of intelligence, to be where I’m at.”

"I've been living this same life for twenty-five years." Watch Floyd Mayweather on Million Dollaz Worth of Game below.