Though they say opposites attract, the recent bromance between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Tekashi 6ix9ine proves that every so often, the reverse is true. No strangers to controversy, both 6ix9ine and Floyd have frequently found themselves on the receiving end of hate, judgement, and vitriol. Yet despite all the negativity, both parties have continued to secure the bag, proving that haters can only do so much. Perhaps the pair see a kindred spirit in one another. It wouldn't be surprising. Especially not after today, when they crossed paths at a celebrity basketball game in UCLA, and it was revealed that Money Mayweather is actually proud 6ix9ine fan. 

TMZ has shared footage of their encounter, which kicks off with Tekashi and his team exchanging pleasantries with fans; to be honest, all signs point to 6ix9ine being a champion of the people, despite his notorious reputation. Eventually, none other than Money Mayweather approaches the young rapper, smiling from ear to ear. They proceed to exchange daps and hug it out, whispering inaudible pleasantries; TMZ claims Mayweather says "I'm a big fan," though it's admittedly difficult to make out.

It wouldn't be surprising to see the two opportunists seize the momentum, and eventually link up for, well, something. As long as there's a check to gain. Peep the footage below. What do ya'll think - are you on team Tekashi?