Floyd Mayweather reportedly hit a $100,000 jackpot while playing video poker on Sunday night, according to TMZ Sports. Although that's essentially chump change for Money Mayweather, it's still a nice haul for pressing a couple of buttons.

According to the report, the happily retired boxer hit up a "Ten Play Draw Poker" machine, playing $25 per hand, with $20,000 at his disposal. On one of his 10 hands, Mayweather hit a Royal Flush which resulted in a handsome payday of $100,000. Additionally, Floyd hit on some other cards during his time at the Ten Play Draw Poker machine, and ultimately walked away with $101,250.

As he is one to do, Mayweather shared evidence of his latest haul on instagram in between photos of his lavish vacations. Judging from his IG account, Mayweather has been jet setting around the globe on one of his Air Mayweather jets in recent weeks, including stops in Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangkok and The Philippines.