Floyd Mayweather's 12-year old daughter and her cheerleading squad finished in 2nd place at the Jamz Cheer and Dance competition in Irvine, California on Sunday, which apparently was not good enough for Floyd.

After learning that his daughter's cheerleading team didn't win the title, Mayweather reportedly went off on the officials and was allegedly cursing them out while accusing them of cheating his daughter's team out of first place.

TMZ caught up with the event announcer, Jeff Krapf, who told them he was right in the thick of the action when Floyd blew up and how he thought the former boxer might even swing on him.

According to Krapf, during the tirade Floyd proclaimed, 

"I fund this program!"

Floyd was eventually taken to a separate area away from the kids where he could air out his issues with an event executive.

Watch the footage below, followed by Jeff Krapf's account of what went down.