Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is the latest athlete to jump in an ice bath alongside Kevin Hart as part of the comedian's ongoing "Cold As Balls" video series. 

Of course, the duo carved out some time to chat about UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who Floyd describes as "The Caucasian Floyd Mayweather" - a knockoff version of himself.

Check out the footage below (the McGregor talk starts up at the 4:15 mark).

During Floyd's time in the cold tub, Hart also asked him about Manny Pacquiao, the possibility of fighting in the octagon and his most prized possessions right now, including that outrageous $18 million watch.

Speaking of the UFC, Mayweather still claims he could get a $3-5 billion deal with Dana White's promotion right now, if he wanted to.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Nobody really expects Mayweather to ever get in the octagon, but it wouldn't be the least bit surprising if he gets back in the boxing ring.

Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been teasing a rematch for months now, and the longtime rivals have come face to face at two separate Clippers game this year. Mayweather described Pac-Man as possibly the best fighter he's ever faced during his sit down with Hart, but he didn't reveal any plans to come out of retirement again for a sequel.

Mayweather, 41, defeated Pacquiao by way of unanimous decision when they first squared off in 2015. Floyd has since retired, then unretired, and most recently stepped in the ring as part of a $9M "exhibition boxing match" against Japanese kickboxing superstar Tenshin Nasukawa, which lasted all of 139 seconds.