The feud between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather rages on. The frenemies have been engaged in an on-again-off-again beef for years now, and 50 fanned the flames of hatred once more. Fif' took shots at Mayweather's illiteracy, prompting The Champ to fire back. The retired boxer took to Instagram to post an entire tirade slandering his old friend. Aside from calling 50 a snitch and broke (almost everyone is broke compared to Floyd), Mayweather's main goal was to tear 50's family apart. 

Mayweather declared that Marquise, 50's son, wanted nothing to do with his father. Fif' and his son have had a tumultuous relationship ever since the rapper broke up with the mother of his child a decade ago. After Mayweather posted his initial rant, he hopped on Instagram once again to trash talk 50. In a post that features Maury at the top and Fif' with his two kids on the bottom, Mayweather wrote, "Hoes will come and go, but bloodline is forever! You want to address the world, but forget to address your first born." The Champ continued on to sarcastically claim that he's got 50's family in mind. "Don't worry Marquise, Uncle Floyd still got you! I would hold little man down too, but you're still not sure if he really belongs to you."