There won't be too many celebrities at the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump, especially those from the African-American community, but one guy who has officially RSVP'd for the party is boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Money Team boss was recently flagged down by TMZ Sports, and he spoke on his relationship with the president-elect and revealed that he would be in D.C. for Trump's first day in office. 

"Y'all see me in D.C. lookin' good!" exclaimed Mayweather when asked if he would attend the inauguration. "I got my tux and everything ready." 

Mayweather also expressed his gratitude to the soon-to-be president for supporting him in the Pacquiao fight, and he gave the paps details about the time he met with Trump in November. "All Donald Trump talked about was helping America become great again. That's what he talked about," said the undefeated fighter. 

While Mayweather plans to support Trump as he takes over the nation's highest office, that doesn't mean he's anti-Obama. He tells it like this: "Barack Obama is a good president, and hopefully Donald Trump is a good president." Hopefully Mayweather's optimism proves to be well-founded.