Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor took part in one of the biggest boxing matches of the 21st century, all the way back in 2017. Of course, Mayweather came into the fight with an undefeated record, while McGregor had no experience in the world of boxing. It was a pretty big mismatch and Mayweather took advantage by coming out on top.

Over the last few years, McGregor has been clamoring for a rematch, although Mayweather has politely declined on numerous occasions. During an interview with Forbes, Mayweather was asked again about the prospect of fighting McGregor, and as he explained, anything can happen although for now, he would rather enjoy his time in retirement.

Floyd Mayweather

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

“No [I won’t compete in MMA],” Floyd Mayweather said. “I think just like how winning teams receive home-field advantage in the playoffs…you don’t fix what isn’t broken, and my record isn’t broken. For now, I’m happily retired. You never know, but it would have to be worth it. Just like gambling right? Juice worth the squeeze no matter who the opponent is.”

Mayweather was technically supposed to fight twice this year but after two personal tragedies and the fallout from the Coronavirus, it's clear that we won't see Floyd back in the ring anytime soon.

If these two were to rematch, let us know in the comments below who you think would win.