Floyd Mayweather is coming off what is arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, winning a boxing match versus UFC mainstay Conor McGregor by TKO in the late stages of the fight. Floyd walked away with a huge financial windfall from the bout, cementing himself as not only one of the greatest athletes of his generation, but also one of the most profitable of all time. However, there are still some things that the champ struggles with. Surprisingly, one of the items on that list is properly pronouncing the name of the one of the world's most popular female pop stars.


Mayweather conducted an interview with a puppet - I'll explain in a second - seated outside his Las Vegas strip club called Girl Collection. The conversation was part of a segment filmed for the YouTube series Awkward Puppets, which had the boxer chatting opposite a mustached character named Diego. I'm assuming that the crux of the interview was to have Floyd some funny soundbites in response to some softball pop culture questions, such as "What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?" Turns out the fighter doesn't have one because he doesn't listen to the "Look What You Made Me Do" star. Things got even more unintentionally hilarious when he was asked about his favorite Ariana Grande track. He pronounced it as "Aria Grande", leaving out a key syllable that led to even Diego gawking at him in disbelief. He tried to save face by explaining that he doesn't have a favorite song of Grande's because he "barely f**king even [knows] her name," but come on. 

The aftermath of Mayweather's big contest against McGregor has produced some interesting epilogue moments, none the least of which was the Irishman's reaction a few days after the fight had been logged in the record books. "Congrats to Floyd on a well fought match," he said in a statement. "Very experienced and methodical in his work. I wish him well in retirement. He is a heck of a boxer. His experience, his patience and his endurance won him this fight hands down [...] Here is a toast of whiskey to everyone involved in this event and everyone who enjoyed it!"