Floyd Mayweather recently took some verbal jabs at UFC owner Dana White, scoffing at the $25 million offer to fight White's cash cow- Conor McGregor.

Floyd has been jawing at Conor McGregor through TMZ reporters and social media accounts for quite some time now but he has recently shifted his focus to Dana White, who said Money Mayweather would be a fool to turn down his $25 million offer.

When FightHype.com caught up with Floyd, he recalled how Dana White used to carry his bags and only turned into a "tough guy" after shaving his head.

"Dana White ... he was a player. He was a boss ... but he was a small boss."

"I can remember Dana White used to hang around me and Jeff Mayweather and carry my bags."

"all the sudden he cut his head bald and he's such a tough guy. He's such a tough guy."

Check out the footage of White's remarks, as well as Floyd's most recent response below.