There's certainly something in the water in Florida that turns the state's residents into mad people. Not a day goes by where a bizarre headline hasn't been made out of the Sunshine State and today is no exception. According to Fox8 News, a woman was arrested recently for biting a chunk of her husband's thumb off in front of her kids. 

Tom Shaw/ALLSPORT/Getty Images

39-year-old, Yesenia Casiano, was taken into police custody and charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm last week following the incident. According to the police report, Casiano got into a fight with her husband when things began to escalate. She "willfully and intentionally" bit down on his finger, ripping out a chunk of flesh. Casiano is also accused of punching the victim and kicking him in the stomach.

What's even worse is that all of this happened in front of their children. Casiano and the victim have one child together. When police arrived on the scene, they showed authorities where the piece of thumb was. At this point, it's only been confirmed that one of the children was theirs while the others were possibly from previous relationships.

The man was rushed to the Suncoast Emergency Care while the woman allegedly fled the scene. Investigators had no clue where she was when things first popped off. The aggravated battery is considered to be a second-degree felony and carries a possible sentence of 15 years of prison.