Rick Ross is not having a good month when it comes to business. First, the rapper was dumped by Reebok, losing an estimated $3.5-5 million, and now the rapper is facing a lawsuit from a Florida tour booking company.

TMZ reports that the company, Total Access Talent filed a lawsuit in Miami federal court this week, saying that Rick Ross Touring hired the company to book and organize a bunch of shows in Florida, starting last November, but never paid the 10% commission.

Total Access say that they have been doing business with Rozay since 2004, and there was never any incident. They felt perfectly comfortable working with the MMG boss, that they made it a verbal agreement on this occasion.

However, this time, Rick Ross didn't pay up after the company had already put in all the work-- set opening acts, arranged dates, prepared contracts etc.

Total Access Talent says Ross owes $171,000 in commissions.

Rick Ross has yet to respond.