CNN reports that in the wake of the devastating attack on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February, Florida lawmakers are considering a proposition from Donald Trump. The POTUS infamously remarked that teachers should be trained to use firearms in lieu of a future school shooting, which was criticized by politicians and Cardi B alike

However, officials in Florida are looking arm certain teachers and staff members with guns to prevent further instances of terror within any educational institution. The law, which has been named after the school which experienced this latest deadly shooting, will also restrict the sale of firearms to people 21 and older, while also mandating a three-day waiting period to purchase any weaponry. Furthermore, the possession or sale of bump fire stock (which effectively allows semi-automatic rifles to act like their automatic counterpart) is also prohibited.

Authorities will now be able to confiscate guns from individuals who are deemed mentally unfit to possession a deadly rifle, and funding will be provided to schoosl for armed resource officers, alongside mental health services. 

"We know that when it comes to preventing future acts of school violence, today's vote is just the beginning of our journey," admits Ryan Petty, whose daughter was a casualty in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. "We applaud the members of the Florida Legislature that courageously voted against their own political self-interest to do the right thing for the safety of our schools."