Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is still grieving from the loss of 17 students and staff after Nikolas Cruz opened fire on campus on February 14th. Nikolas has since pleaded guilty and is in solidarity confinement. Police officers have shared the 19-year-olds cell happenings and they're quite disturbing. 

Because of his high profile status, Nikolas is locked away from others at Broward County Jail, The New York Post reports. On February 20th deputies said Nikolas “appeared to break out in laughter both during and immediately following his professional visit at 1848 hours and later at 1910 hours.”

Other notes describe him as “well-groomed, calm/quiet demeanor, follows commands, talks softly and very little, responds to questions and appears slower than normal in his movement.”

From February 21st - 24th he was said to be “restless” and “tossing from time to time" and starring at the ceiling and wall. When his lawyers came to visit him, he was said to be "coherent" but “inmate was also observed smiling and giggling.”

Nikolas' lawyer Gordon Weekes has since responded to the public telling of his client's jail behaviours where he said: 

“They are snippets, observations from corrections officers and are not clinical impressions made by his treating psychologist or psychiatrist at the jail. They don’t show a complete picture. They are generated because Mr. Cruz has a high-profile case and is on suicide watch.”