A year and half ago, HNHH contributor Patrick Lyons postulated that South Florida had the talent to become the new Atlanta. His prediction is coming true: Florida is now as hot as any region on the planet. During a recent visit to the HNHH office in New York, Wifisfuneral spoke on the ascendance of his 

"I love everything about Florida. I love everything that is happening for the Florida movement. I love all the attention that a lot of South Florida rappers are getting, the fact that us as a state, we finally have an outlet to be heard and show that we differ from a lot of other individuals when it comes to making music. 

He offered the caveat that, despite his contributions to the Florida rap scene, and specifically the Palm Beach County rap scene, he doesn't see himself as representative of Florida culture.

"Beside that, I don't even see myself fitting in to the whole Florida movement or Florida culture," he added, "because, I just feel like when you listen to a lot Florida rappers, I'm just Waldo with that striped shirt on and the hat. It's just like, 'what are you doing there?'"

He concluded with the following statement: "In Florida, all we focus on is Kodak. Because that's the Tupac of Florida."

Watch the interview above. Check out Wifi's episode of #OnTheComeUp below.