We're sure everyone is hoping Florida can learn to chill TF out this summer. However, that becomes a hard reality to work towards when people are still losing their lives senselessly due to fatal shootings like this recent report we came across in Northwest Miami-Dade.

The fatal incident unfortunately left two people dead and roughly 20 to 25 people injured, and adding insult to industry it all may have started due to a local rap rivalry.

Florida Rap Beef influenced Mass Shooting Banquet Hall
Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

AllHipHop reports that investigators are asking the community to help them in getting information on the three gunmen who shot 26 people and killed two at a banquet hall in Florida.

Here's a more detailed account of what went down below, via AHH:

"The cops have more information than people think. Ramirez says at a press conference, “These gun-violence-driven murderers, as it has been said eloquently before me, who are targeting individuals and at the same time hitting innocent people who have nothing to do with their beef, ruining families.” Investigators noted that there was an album release party happening the day of the shooting and that several local rappers such as ABMG Spitta were performing. Flyers about this event were scattered around social media. Also across social media was chatter that included threats and gunplay talk. They are trying to comb through the information to build their case."

As you can see from the featured photo above, these guys had bullets flying everywhere around the Hialeah, Florida banquet hall. Authorities have released footage of the shooters arriving and leaving, and other footage shows three masked gunmen with semi-automatic rifles and handguns hopping out of a white Nissan Pathfinder to shoot up the spot.

We're praying for the families of those lost, and praying justice is served overall in this unfortunate situation. Long story short though, calm down Floridians!