On this week’s edition of when doing it for the ‘gram goes terribly wrong, a Florida man got way more than he bargained for in his attempt to go viral.

While Jaylen Norwood originally planned to reach the top ranks of the latest “In My Feelings” challenge with a stunt in which he would jump on the hood of a moving car while performing the viral dance routine, the Boynton Beach native reached his goal in a much more painful manner when he was struck by the vehicle instead.

According to Norwood, things took a drastic turn when his slides slipped on a wet spot on the ground and the oncoming car hit him as a result.

“Sooo i was originally suppose [sic] to jump on the hood of the car but i slipped on that damn wet spot and this nigga ran me over,” he wrote. “Keke never loved me lmfaooooo.”


In the video, Norwood seemingly walks away with only a few scratches to tell the story. It’s a remarkable outcome considering the car was moving at a pretty decent speed, striking his upper body and quite possibly, his head.

“Why are you laughing?” his friend behind the camera asks afterwards.

The stunt landed Norwood an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on the late-night host’s show as he explained that his best friend was the one driving the car and that it wasn’t supposed to be going that fast in the first place.

Slipping on oil in the middle of the street didn’t help much either.