The Florida Man headlines are wild but this one might take the cake. According to Daily Beast, police arrested 74-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk after the found a man bleeding from his groin inside of the 74-year-old's home. Police shared an unusually detailed press release on their Facebook page where they essentially described the entire situation. 

Police responded to a 911 hang-up which they said is "pretty routine and deputies respond to many of them per shift. But most of them don’t make the cut when it comes to being memorable." So, Ryswyk opened the door and the police ultimately found the victim with a towel over his bleeding groin. Authorities also said that the man's testicles were found in a pink container near the victim. 

Ryswyk admitted to police when they came to his door that he attempted to perform a castration on a man he met on a dark web site for people who have a castration fetish. He also said that he told the victim that he had experience with castrating animals and even removed one of his own testicles in 2012. But this wasn't his first time trying to perform this procedure on a human. He said he tried to perform a castration on another man a few years ago and the results were nearly identical. Police weren't notified. 

Van Ryswyk was charged with practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily harm which is a second-degree felony. His bond's set at $250K.