Our guardians are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for us as children, no matter what. Well, this week a Florida man supposedly abandoned a child on the highway out of a belief that the youth might be a homosexual. The child, whose age is currently unknown, was found outside of a police station crying by himself with a duffle bag containing a few pieces of clothing. According to WRBL, the boy says that he was kicked out of his house after he had a verbal fight with Evenaud Julmeus, the man who is being accused of abandoning him on the highway. 

Cars on Highway
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When a police officer asked the child what was wrong he told him about what happened with Julmeus and that the verbal disagreement was over whether or not he was gay. At a certain point, Evenaud told the minor to pack a bag and get into the car. He drove to him to a spot on Highway 27 that is near the Haines City Police Department and told the child, “police will find you a new home.”

While the police report did not specify Julmeus' relationship to the child, multiple sources believe that he is, in fact, the father. He was arrested and also charged with child neglect.