Being in the music industry, Flo Rida is no stranger to lawsuits, but now he's facing a new one completely unrelated to music, this one is over a security system.

The popular rapper installed a $58,000 security system according to TMZ, and refused to pay for it. He's now being sued by ADT, which is the largest security system company in the U.S.  The suit claims that ADT installed a system for Flo in 2009, which included "dozens of sensors, smoke detectors and at least 27 security cameras."

ADT provides a copy of the contract in the suit, which is signed by a man named Lee Prince, who is reportedly Flo Rida's manager. ADT claims that Flo payed the initial deposit of $19,366.66, but after the work had been finished he failed to hand over the remaining  $38,733.

Thus, ADT is suing the hit-maker for their lost money plus interest, totalling $47,134.40.

However, Flo Rida is not complying so easily. He's fired back at them saying he never authorized the work even though Prince signed the contract, and therefore he doesn't owe ADT anything.

We'll update you as the suit unfolds, a judge has yet to rule.