Flo Rida recently dropped a visual for his new single "Can't Believe It" which featured Pitbull and plenty of animated butts and other weird animations. The visual received some criticism from producer Diplo, who's own single "Butter's Theme" has a similarly-themed and animated visual, which came out before Flo Rida's.

Diplo took to Twitter to blast the Florida native, saying, "yo @official_flo ur a fuck ass fuckboi for ripping off my video." Although it was thought that Diplo was referring to the more recent "Bubble Butt," he revealed it was "Butter's Theme." The producer then said he'd toilet paper Flo's house, "im goin to go toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion if you want u can ride or die with me. also bring eggs."

Flo Rida stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105 this morning and responded to Diplo's accusations. "I honestly I never seen his video and I got news of this late last night. For the most part, where I'm from the only thing that I had a problem with is the 'f-boy,'" Flo Rida said. "But then I said you know what, I don't have a problem 'cause the people that might be a fan of him that didn't know me, I gain new fans. I'm learning to love it."

"I guess he did some homework on the words you don't say to people from Miami. But I'm in a different bracket so I see past it," Flo added.

With the pop star being a Miami native, the discussion inevitably turned to Trayvon Martin. 

"Well you know definitely, man, I disagree with the verdict," Flo Rida said on the topic. "And me being from Florida, I'm like contracted into definitely supporting. I'm all about trying to make it a better environment..."

"They need to come up with something better [than 'Stand Your Ground' law]," Flo Rida stated.

Check out his full interview with the Power 105.1 crew below.