Reports indicate that Flo Rida arrived late to a festival in Australia and was turned away from the venue. Later, police raided his hotel suite and found drugs.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Flo Rida did not appear as scheduled for Newcastle's Fat As Butter festival in Australia. Promoters later noted that Flo Rida's absence had to do with him arriving late and him not being "in a suitable condition to perform." Promoters also acknowledged that they were upset and that they had paid Flo Rida months prior to the festival date.

The promoters then released statements on Facebook, noting that they were upset by Flo Rida's actions and explained that they believed he was not "in a suitable condition to perform."

“The club did everything in its power to meet the needs of Flo Rida and his management. From the demands for late specialty items in his dressing room, to offering to pay all transport expenses to get him and his entourage to the venue (after his own arrangements supposedly fell through)…Many promises were made and broken by Flo Rida and his management last night. And every time we got our hopes up that he was in transit to the venue, we would find out that he had not in fact left his hotel room. The most difficult part was then turning him away from the Club when he finally arrived nearly 3 hours after he was due on stage. We did not believe he was in a suitable condition to perform.”

Flo Rida responded with his own message to fans, saying his absence was "due to unforeseen circumstances."

“Australian fans, I was looking forward to performing for you but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to do so last night."

It was also reported that a member of Flo Rida's entourage was arrested and given a fine when Flo's hotel suite was raided by Australian police. The detectives raided his room after they smelled a "strong smell of burnt cannabis" and Flo Rida's personal assistant Dakari Dalawn Phillips was taken in to custody and released several hours later.

According to Faster Louder (via ONTD), officers found several items in his room including cannabis, a viagra tablet, and an uzi taser.

Earlier this year, Flo Rida was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach, Florida.