Flavor Flav may have been throwing hands in the classic video game Def Jam Fight For New York, but today, the iconic rapper was reportedly involved in a real life scuffle. TMZ has reported that the Public Enemy founder and Flavor Of Love star was involved in some fisticuffs, at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. According to the report, Flavor Flav claimed that the other man, allegedly named Ugandi Howard, attacked Flav after claiming the rapper made disrespectful claims about his mother. After that, Howard was set off, swinging on Flav, punching him in the face and kicking him when he was on the ground.

TMZ has Flav quoted as saying he "he only went down because he pulled a groin muscle." Apparently, casino security took Howard into custody, where police rolled through, cited him for battery, and released him. Meanwhile, Flav was reportedly taken to the hospital for a check up, but the rapper only ended up with a few minor wounds. While video has yet to surface, the outlet claims the entire scuffle was caught on the casino's surveillance cameras; no doubt it will surface in the near future. The story goes on to claim that law enforcement officers confirmed Flav's story, and Howard indeed threw the first punch.

Ultimately, Flavor Flav hasn't had an easy go of things lately. It was recently reported that he's in the middle of suing Public Enemy and Chuck D over unpaid royalties. 

Update: Footage of the fight has now surfaced online. See below.