The Jasmine Brand has obtained edited court documents from Flavor Flav's lawsuit against Public Enemy's handlers, ex-managers & producer. Based on physical evidence, Flavor Flav seems to have exonerated his long time partner Chuck D, of responsibility in the alleged mismanagement of unpaid royalties. The pair had a falling out after Flavor Flav claimed foul play on the business end of their agreement. Chuck D decided to take the high road, his assertion being: both he and Flav were due the same percentage, "but (Flav) took a wrong road" somewhere down the line. Flavor Flav's finances have been a deriding issue for him since he found relative success as a Reality Television magnate. Unfortunately, those ventures incurred production costs he has yet to repay to his financiers or the IRS.

Chuck D was the only name Flava removed from the lawsuit. Currently included in the submitted list is Bomb Squad producer Gary G-Wiz, and other individuals responsible for management-level decisions. When the lawsuit was initially brought to his attention last year, Chuck D shrugged off Flavor Flav's behavior as the low-point in his character, albeit with an air of forgiveness. Chuck D believes Public Enemy destined to reunite on stage when this messy affair is finally put to rest, their bond x amount of years in the making. If Flav were in better state of mind this may never have occurred, which is not to say there isn't blood on somebody's hands, just not his brother in arms.