Almost a year ago, Flavor Flav was pulled over on his way to his mother's funeral. He was speeding and driving without a license, which resulted in him getting slapped with both a felony charge and a traffic violation, as well as two misdemeanors for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He initially plead not guilty and was released on bail, but apparently failed to show up to the trial, as he's just been indicted on all four charges.

Now, he will have to show up for a January 21st court date in Nassau County, NY. His attorney has reportedly been trying to make a plea agreement.


[Update: Flav Pleads Not Guilty]

As previously reported, Flavor Flav was scheduled to appear in court on January 21st to submit his plea over some driving charges he caught last year. The Public Enemy hypeman made his way to the courthouse Wednesday, pleading "Not Guilty' to the four counts.

Flav will be back in court February 3rd. He will face up to 4 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

As far as his music goes, Flavor Flav excitedly announced news of an upcoming Public Enemy tour. "You got to come to the show and you got to see us perform. When you come see us perform you will see that Public Enemy has not lost a beat,” he said.

Stay tuned for further details on the case.