While their ongoing Vacation In Hell tour rages onward, the Flatbush Zombies trifecta recently took some time to hit The Breakfast Club. A distinct sense of "we made it" was present within the room, as was a permeating feeling of "it's about time." Regardless, the trio of Erick Arc Elliot, Zombie Juice, and Meechy Darko spent the morning chopping it up with Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Evvy, broaching an intriguing variety of ranging topics.

The conversation takes an interesting turn when the group opens up about their use of psychedelic drugs; while Erick abstains from LSD and mushroom usage, but Meech and Juice seem to have a positive impression overall. When Envy remarks that he'd be too scared to try shrooms, Meech paints a vivid picture. "You'd be naked in the shower with your clothes on," he says, prompting Charlamagne to ask "how can you be naked with your clothes on?"

"Exactly," replies Erick. "That's shrooms, n***a!" laughs Meech. He proceeds to detail some of his less positive experiences, admitting to being reduced to tears on occasion. "I'd have times where I'd be chill with everybody, and I'd just leave for a second and start crying." Juice elaborates on his own interpretation of the phenomenon. "Everything looks like your in HD," he says. "Everything is vivid. Your perception is changed."

For more from the Zombies, including their take on music, mental health, and more, peep the video below.