Flatbush Zombies have put out a PSA for their fans in Michigan. Already embarking on their See You In Hell Tour, the crew will be stopping in Detroit, Michigan Tuesday night (May 15th) and have asked fans to help out with the water crisis going on in just 70 miles up north in Flint.

Performing in front of a crowd at Detroit’s Royal Oak Theatre, Flatbush has asked fans to bring cases of water to help Flint, assuring the first 250 people who arrive with their donations with a poster signed by the group.

"Michigan, we are asking our fans to please bring a case of water to the show at the Royal Oak Theater to help with water issues in Flint. The first 250 fans with cases will receive a signed show FBZ poster! Thank you," reads the message.

It was revealed earlier in the year that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) was spending up to $22,000 a day on bottled water to combat the water crisis in Flint. The whole situation first came to light in 2014 when the city decided to cut costs by relying on the Flint River rather than the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department for its water supply. The water failed to be properly treated, pulling lead from the city’s pipes, exposing the population to the metal.

Flint spent millions of dollars upgrading the city’s infrastructure and switched back to the Detroit water supply, and while the MDEQ ruled that the water had dropped below the federal lead limit, tests at some of the city’s schools revealed that lead results were still above the federal limit. The city’s schools have not used tap water since 2015 and continue to provide students with bottled water.