FKA Twigs seems like she genuinely cares about the product that she puts out into the world. So far this year, it feels like we've received a bunch of "filler" projects. Of course, there are a few albums that we've heard that have been incredible but we may be in for a slow year. FKA Twigs was in hibernation for a while but she finally returned this week, marking the end of her musical hiatus. The artist is one of the voices that exudes confidence. Her mind leads her to so many directions and she finds a way to mesh all of her ideas into one, ending with a generally-fantastic effort. Twigs may have taken a break from music but she was clearly working out the entire time because she acrobatically dances on a pole in her new video for "Cellophane" and looks absolutely stunning doing it. Along with the fresh single, Twigs has announced a few tour dates on the way.

Unless you live in New York or Los Angeles, you'll likely have to live with the fact that you'll miss out on this round of performances. Twigs will be hitting Europe after her shows in LA and NY, taking the road in May and June. Perhaps this signals even more new music on the way. Hopefully, she comes through with an album or a couple of other vibes because so far, 2019 has been lacking.