French Montana isn't winning people over these days, it would appear. Just days after finding himself entangled in beef with Young Thug over his comments about Kendrick Lamar, it appears Fivio Foreign is now firing shots at the "Unforgettable" rapper. It all began yesterday when French Montana teased a new single with Jim Joneswho he recently squashed his beef with. Now, the last single that French dropped was heavily influenced by the current sound coming out of Brooklyn. Though many criticized him, Fivio Foreign's taking issue with the fact that French enlisted Mr. Swipey to serve as a backup dancer of sorts.

"I ain't jackin' that n***a French. He don't realize what he's doing because the position. He sees n***as in a little position where [he's like], 'Aiight, Lemme do this. Lemme give n***a money,'" Fivio explained. "Shit like that to make it look like he's doing something for n***a. You ain't really doin' nothin' for nobody, my n***a, you feel me?"

Though he acknowledged that some might criticize him for not putting on Swipey first, Fivio explained why that's even more difficult in his position.

"I'm a brand new artist so I'm not really that in a position to be puttin' n***as in good positions yet," Fivio added. "I'm talkin' 'bout French Montana, n***a. French Montana wildin', n***a. He wildin', n***a. He gon' have Swipey dancin' and spinnin' in every video like if he some type of back-up dancer, n***a. Ain't no back-up dancer for you, n***a. You ain't 'bout to use drill beats and have n***as spinning."

Fivio continued to elaborate on his thoughts, saying that artists like Meek Mill and Drake have actually reached out to collaborate while French has used the drill sound and someone like Mr. Swipey for his own gain. 

Peep the clip below.