Hip-hop has always had its fair share of food-related lyrics-- with Outkast repping for fish and grits, Lil Waynecomparing himself to lasagna and MF DOOM releasing an entire food-inspired album-- but it's not often that a rap lyrics sheet resembles the menu of a five-star restaurant. That is, unless we're talking about Action Bronson.

For the Queens native, rapping began as a hobby, with gourmet cheffing taking precedence in the early stages of his career. Before he began dropping mixtapes in 2010, he had an online cooking show called "Action In The Kitchen," and before that, he studied at the Art Institute of New York City’s culinary program and worked in the kitchens of steakhouses, a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Manhattan and Citi Field. Unlike other rappers with day jobs, his previous profession went on to inform his music, to the point where any given 16 by Bronsalino is most likely peppered with a food reference.

Usually used to portray his lavish lifestyle, food often comes in handy for metaphors, and even when he talks about sex, he does it using the language of food. "Go on a date, I'm at the crib with the chef and uh, that's me," he raps on the newly-released "Baby Blue," "And you could order whatever/The specialty is white snake and underwear sauce."

Most of his culinary language is less gross-- on the contrary, it's usually mouth-watering. Name-dropping the finest dishes (as well as some standard favorites), Bronson gives us a wide array of options to pick from in his lyrics. We've selected our favorites, organized them by meal and/or course, and made you a menu of his best food references. Here are five courses of Mr. Wonderful's best food lyrics.