Trey Songz & Robin Thicke both had new albums drop today, July 1st, and just hours into their releases we already have early sales projections rolling in. While there can only be one top spot for the week, this week’s release appears to not even be close.

According to HDD, Trey Songz’ Trigga album is looking at a first week sales total in the 85-95,000 range. While that’s very respectable, it does fall mighty short from his previous album, Chapter V, which moved 135,000 units. Either way, Trigga’s 85-90 range more than doubles the anticipated sales total from the week’s next-biggest debut (which is Seether’s Isolate and Medicate), and should be good enough for him to land the #1 spot on Billboard this week. Ed Sheeran’s X, which will reign atop the Billboard 200 based on last week’s sales, is likely to fall below the 85-95,000 level this week.

Robin Thicke on the other hand isn’t doing quite so good. His new album Paula, is projected to sell only 20-25K units in its first week. Robin has received instant criticism & slander since he first came out and named his album Paula, which if ya didnt know was after his estranged wife Paula Patton. Plus, he not only lacked heavy promotion for this album, but he didn’t have a hit to drive sales like “Blurred Lines”, or even Trey’s #1 smash hit “NaNa”.

Check back next week for the official sales total.

Have you copped either album yet? Which one do you prefer?

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[Update: Official Numbers Are In]

Trey Songz & Robin Thicke both dropped off their respective albums last week, and after early sales projections were floating around the internet, we now have the official sales numbers for both projects.

Trey Songz’ Trigga was this past week’s top dog as it sold 102,966 units in its first week. That’s actually more than the projected 85-95K units HDD projected, and good enough to land him #1 on the charts.

However, Robin Thicke’s Paula album didn't have as great as success. Right on with its projection (20-25k units), Paula only moved 22,998 albums in its first week, landing him #9 on this week’s charts.