We anticipated the first week sales for both Tinashe and Keyshia Cole last week, with projections looking like Keyshia Cole's Point of No Return would outsell Tinashe's Aquarius.

The official numbers for each singer has arrived, and as Billboard reports, Keyshia Cole did manage to win the race, and ensured she got a spot within the Billboard 200's top 10, albeit it was close. Point of No Return debuts at #9 after moving 25,000 copies-- which was on the high end of her sales projections. Tinashe's Aquarius comes in below that, with her debut album selling 19,000 copies and debuting at #19. That amount is right in the middle of her projected sales. 

We'll have to see who wins the race in the long run. Tinashe may pick up pace as word about her continues to spread. Stay up on charts news with Charts Don't Lie.