Here's what everyone's been waiting for. The first week sales for all those albums that dropped on June 18th have come in!

Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller all dropped an album last week, and although all three albums had leaked prior, each rapper nonetheless moved a solid amount. The numbers line up with the projections as well.

Kanye West's Yeezus moved 328,800 units, of course nabbing the #1 debut. As expected, J. Cole comes in after 'Ye, moving a reported 297,922 copies of Born Sinner. Finally, Mac Miller surpassed the 100k mark, selling 101,795 copies of Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

All in all, we don't find these numbers are too surprising. What do you think?


[UPDATE: See the official SoundScan numbers for all three albums below.]

Yesterday HDD gave us a good idea of the first week numbers for Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller, but now we have the official SoundScan numbers so we though we'd update you. 

The final numbers for 'Ye are 327,000 units sold, coming in at #1, J. Cole was only 30k behind Yeezus with 297,000 and thus grabs the #2 entry, and Mac Miller came in just over 100k as we reported yesterday, with 102,000 copies, nabbing #3 on the charts. Finally, we can't forget r'n'b singer Kelly Rowland. Talk A Good Game came in  at #4 on the Billboard 200 with 68,000 units sold. 

Wow! Hip-hop is dominating the top of the charts this week. That's not something you see every day.