If you remember at the very end of the July, Macklemore was involved in a head-on car collision in his home state of Washington after a drunk driver in a pick up truck crossed into oncoming traffic and hit Macklemore's Mercedes Benz. Police say the pickup truck driver wasn't wearing a seat belt and smashed his head into the windshield, leaving him unconscious and bleeding. Thankfully, Macklemore and his passengers walked away mostly unscathed, but not before the damage was done.

At the time no pictures of the scene were obtained as TMZ only caught wind of the story days following the actual accident took place. It was a real hush-hush incident overall, but now nearly six weeks after the accident TMZ was able to get their hands on the first pictures of the collision scene, and boy is Macklemore lucky to be alive.

From the photos (see gallery), you can see that the pick up truck is on the wrong side of the road proving the fact that the driver swerved into Macklemore's lane. You can also see Mackelmore’s airbag’s were deployed and the damage that was done to the drunk driver’s pick up truck. As mentioned (above), the truck's windshield was smashed and splattered with blood due to him not wearing a seat belt. The man had suffered head and face injuries, and was eventually arrested for DUI. How Macklemore was able to barely get hurt is an act of God, or maybe Mercedes, but nevertheless he's one lucky man.

For what it's worth, it was later revealed that Macklemore was supposedly driving on a suspended drivers license when the accident took place, but it's unclear if that will come back to haunt him in any way.

Check out the photos from the scene in the gallery (above) and let this be a reminder to count your blessings daily as tomorrow isn't always promised.

In other lighter news, Macklemore just shared a preview of his upcoming collab with Offset last week called “Willy Wonka,” which will see life on his upcoming Gemini album, dropping September 22. Check that out right here in case you missed it and keep your eyes peeled for further details.