It's strange. A dissonance seems to exist between the presented Green-Band trailer and the true nature of the upcoming Hellboy film, which looks to be a bloody, disturbing, grotesque, and swear-laden good time. Many theater viewers might walk away with a false impression of the upcoming film, as the "Red Band" trailers are far superior in just about every way. Now, the powers that be have issued the final Hellboy trailer, doubling down on everything that makes it look so delightful. Gory violence. Disturbing creature design. Copius swearing, as uttered by Ian McShane, who makes saying "fu*k" into an art form.

While brief, this Hellboy trailer is the most violent thus far. Faces are torn off, eyes are gouged out, severed heads are sewn onto necks, foreheads are branded, and that's only a few clips. The trailer promises no shortage of "STRONG BLOODY VIOLENCE," "GORE THROUGHOUT," and "LANGUAGE." Behold the carnage now, and sound off below. Is this movie something you might be interested in? One has to wonder if many a youth will find themselves led astray by the original trailer, only to be subjected to a digitally-rendered gorefest the likes of which they've never seen. 

Hellboy, based on the Mike Mignola comic-series of the same name, stars David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim, Penelope Mitchell, Mila Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, and more. Look for it when it hits Theatres on April 12th.