According to a report obtained by Europe 1, film director Luc Besson is being investigated for an alleged case of rape. His accuser, an actress, has not made her identity known for fear of repercussions. What we do know is that she's known Besson for years, both personally and professionally. The actress described the incident as occurring in broad daylight at a luxury hotel in Paris where the two were seated for a brief exchange.

The accuser alleges that Besson must have dropped something in her tea, because she began to lose consciousness out of the blue. She awoke to Besson penetrating her, at which point she layed still with fear. The woman claims that after finishing, Besson left a undisclosed amount of money on the dresser and went about his day. She then vacated the hotel suite taking refuge at a friend's place.

French authorities are currently zeroing in on the case.Thierry Marembert, his attorney, issued a statement through the Hollywood Reporter in which he describes Besson falling out of his chair with shock after learning of the accusations from his own mouth. Luc Besson is a decorated filmmaker who was worked internationally as well as in his home nation of France.