Since Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame was destroyed (for the second time) earlier this week, the site of the former commemoration has become a place to gather for pro and anti-Trump groups. As one might have predicted, the coming together of the two groups has not ended in peace. 

The video of the event begins with the pro-Trump singer Joy Villa singing the national anthem. The anti-Trump faction responds by chanting "fuck Donald Trump" and one of them defending his right to say "n***a," which leads to the first punches being thrown. The video become shaky once the brawl begins proper but there seems to be a Marine involved, judging by the videographer's hoarse, recurring scream of "he's a Marine!" The fight culminates with one man, a Trump supporter who can be seen with braided hair, kicking someone else in the head and punching others. 

If you want a token to commemorate this tense moment of American political history, marked by an intersection of celebrity and policy, what better way to symbolize the current climate than an actual chunk of rock from Trump's erstwhile walk of fame star? Apparently it's available on eBay for $500, if you can find it. Watch the original video of the star being destroyed with a pick axe by the now famous vandal, Austin Clay, below: