Mere days after a Smokepurpp concert ended in fisticuffs over flung water, violence has once again reared its ugly head. According to the ever-vigilant eye of Akademiks, a fight broke out at a Smokepurpp concert last night. It's not exactly clear why. Perhaps one party arrived in a Russ t-shirt. Perhaps it was simply misplaced rage due to a shortage of Mountain Dew. We can't know for sure, nor do we really want to. Either way, you can catch footage of the incident below. Remember, however, that some things cannot be unseen.  

As the fighters engage in an amorphous blob of flailing, sweaty limbs, a cacophonous chorus of "ESSKETTIT" fills the air, like a horde of Pokemon hopped up on Xannies and lean. Blame it on teenage angst. Either way, one or more parties left a Smokepurpp concert with battle scars. Compare this nonsense with A$AP Rocky's approach to mediation; when he witnessed two young men slugging it out, he invited both parties on stage, where they proceeded to make up and hug it out. Increase the peace. Unfortunately, Purpp seemed to enjoy the bloodsport, egging it on with cries of his signature phrase.

What would J. Cole do?